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Four Year Old Kindergarten Program (4K)

                Four Year Old Kindergarten Program (4K)

Welcome to our Four Year old kindergarten program. Color My World’s 4k program was developed in partnership with the Eau Claire School district to be an exciting and positive step in your child’s life long journey of learning. Our main goal is to help prepare your child for kindergarten and insure their success in the future. We are dedicated to planning and preparing activities that will build your child’s confidence in their abilities, provide love and acceptance so that they can be comfortable to explore their vast potential and together celebrate the wonder and excitement of this special time in your child’s life.

 Our program includes:

  • Highly trained and experienced teachers.
  • A beautifully equipped classroom with careful consideration given to developmentally appropriate learning materials.
  • Small class sizes that allow for individual attention.
  • Safe and sanitary learning environment.
  • Child friendly and convenient class times
  • Extended childcare available at an affordable half-day or hourly rate.
  • Regular daily communication with teachers and a commitment to keeping parents well informed about your child’s day and the up coming events.
  • Educational field trips and school presentations that enhance the curriculum.
  • Lunch and snacks  provided at no additional charge.
  • Individually scheduled parent teacher conferences two times per year.
  • Parent involvement activities that provide fun ways to interact with the families and staff in our program.

 Our curriculum includes:

  • Group activities that develop social skills, such as sharing, listening, patience and cooperation.
  • Thematic units that present a large array of fun and exciting topics for children to discover.
  • Small group learning activities that promote skill development in the areas of letters, numbers, vocabulary and children’s individual educational needs.
  • Ample time to experience the wide world of learning outside on our playground and in our community.
  • Opportunities for independent learning through hands on experiences in classroom learning centers.
  • Daily living skill development through daily routines and activities.
  • Introduction of Spanish and sign language.
  • Self-expression through the arts and music.
  • A word rich environment that includes an appreciation for literature and reading.

 Room guidelines:

  •  Age range                    Must be 4 years old by September 1st.
  • Classroom size            Ranges from 15-18  (afternoon classes usually are smaller)
  • Number of staff          A certified teacher and an assistant in each class
  • Class times                  Monday -Thursday
        • Am class 8:30am-12pm (lunch included)
        • Pm class 12:30pm-3: 45pm                                     


  • Staff qualifications     Teachers are Department of Public Instruction certified
    Assistants have early childhood certification


  • Training                        All of our teachers participate in monthly training provided by
    the Eau Claire school district and center training
  • Extended Childcare    Extended childcare is available at an additional charge
    Half day and hourly rates are available


  • Meals and snacks        A healthy snack is provided during each session
    Lunch is provided for the North am session because they
    participate in the DPI food program.


  • Rest time                     The Pm classes have a short rest time daily


  • Communication           Monthly newsletter, calendar of events, daily activity board
    and personal conversations are used to keep parents