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Parent Involvement

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We encourage our parents to participate fully in their child’s growth at Color My World. We have an open door policy and invite parents to visit anytime to observe and participate in the daily activities at our centers. We have a variety of activities that help bridge the gap between home and school and are committed to working as a team with our families.

Parent involvement activities

  • Parent teacher conferences
  • Fieldtrip chaperons
  • Classroom volunteer
  • Evening speakers on parenting topics
  • Grandparents snack days
  • Candle light luncheon for Love Week (February)
  • Week of the Young Child parade and activities (April)
  • Mothers day tea
  • Four year old kindergarten graduation and program
  • Fathers day breakfast
  • Summer picnic
  • Back to school orientation
  • Halloween parade
  • Thanksgiving dinner for all children and their families
  • Christmas family fun night and program