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Preschool Program

                                                   Preschool Program
Welcome to Color My World’s preschool program where we plant the seeds for learning and help them grow. In our carefully planned preschool rooms we strive to promote learning by hands on exploration. We have developed a theme-based curriculum that introduces interesting and fun topics that children’s natural curiosity drives them to investigate and learn about. The preschool daily schedule is carefully planned to provide a comfortable routine with enough flexibility to capture those unexpected teachable moments.

The key components of our preschool classrooms are:

  • Art
    • This is the time for creative and messy fun such as painting, gluing and sculpturing.
  •  Sensory
    • This is a hands on area for exploring and learning through our senses.
  • Manipulatives
    • Manipulatives enhance fine motor skills through puzzles, pegboards and lacing.
  • Book area
    • This is an area for puppets, flannel board stories, and snuggling up with a good book.
  • Blocks
    • The block area has a variety of building materials that promote coordination, problem solving and cooperative play.
  • Math
    • This is an area where preschoolers can work on counting, sorting, sequencing and measuring.
  • Science
    • The science area is the place to investigate nature and find out what makes things work.
  • Dramatic play
    • Pretending and imaginative play encourages children to explore their world and develop a better understanding of the people and places around them.
  • Music and movement
    • Dancing, singing and musical instruments encourage self-expression, as well as, provide relaxation and exercise.
  •  Large Motor
    • Daily Outside play and active games and songs provide opportunities for building muscle and learning about our bodies.

Community field trips and speakers

Monthly we compliment our learning activities with a field trip to places in the community such as the apple orchard, pumpkin patch and the children’s museum.
This is just a brief summary of the kind of activities our preschoolers participate in.

Room Guidelines

  • Age range                                36 months-kindergarten entrance
  • Class size                                 3 year old classroom – 10 children
    4-year-old classroom  – 13-15 children
  • Number of teachers                 In most cases 1 teacher and 1 assistant
  • Caregiver qualifications          Bachelors degree or associate degree in
    early childhood.
  • Training                                     24 hours of in-service training each year
  • CPR certified

Meals                                       Breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack

Naptime                                  Children nap or rest daily

Communication                       Activity boards in each classroom,
newsletters and daily conversations.