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Summer School Age Program

                                               Summer School Age Program

Summer is a time for fun and friendship at Color My World. Many years of experience have gone into planning an exciting program for our elementary age children. We have incorporated safety and responsibility into an action packed schedule of adventure that will have your child looking forward to each day. Our program is a community-based program that allows the children to experience many things through our fieldtrips, park days, community speakers and weekly visits to the Fairfax pool. We incorporate arts and craft activities, theater productions, music and dance, community service projects, scientific exportation, computer programs and much more. Ample time is spent in the great outdoors visiting our local parks, taking bike rides and going for walks. There is no time for television or video games because we are too busy making friends and creating memories. While fast paced adventure tops our agenda we also make time for some quieter pursuits such as reading, visiting the library weekly, attending the children’s theater, brainteasers, skill builders and board games. Saying “I’m bored” is not an option at Color My World’s summer program because there is something for everyone!!!

Room guidelines

  • Age range                                            Elementary age up to 12 years


  • Number in group                                 Varies by enrollment (not to exceed 25)


  • Number of caregivers                          2 onsite (3 on most fieldtrips)


  • Ratio                                                   1-15


  • Caregiver qualifications                      Background in elementary education
    CPR certified


  • Meals and snacks                                Breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack


  • Communication                                   Monthly calendar, activity board


  • Transportation                                     Field trip transportation is provided by the
    city bus or a rented school bus with a certified