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Toddler Program

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Welcome to Color My World’s toddler program where active minds and busy fingers can explore and discover the exciting world around them. We encourage the natural curiosity of our little learners and provide activities and experiences that will strengthen their developing skills. Our teachers provide a language rich environment that nourishes the development of communication skills. The toddler environment is designed to be safe and challenging to allow the children to experience success while learning independence and problem solving skills. Toddlers love to be active and on the go, but we always make time for quiet activities such as, reading a book, doing finger plays, listening to music or just cuddling in the rocking chair. Sharing and caring for our friends is a work in progress in our toddler room and we spend a great deal of time building beginning social skills. There is never a dull moment in our toddler room and that is the way we like it!!

                                                 Our program includes:

  • Consistent and energetic staff
  • A well equipped classroom with careful consideration given to developmentally appropriate toys and equipment
  • Small group sizes that allow for individual attention
  • Safe and sanitary classroom environment
  • Quiet rooms for naptime
  • Daily sheets to keep you informed of: daily activities, meals and snacks, diaper changes and bathroom breaks, overall mood, naptime and teacher information.
  • A separate toddler play area for morning and afternoon outside playtime
  • Cooperation and assistance with potty training
  • Parent involvement activities that provide fun ways to interact with the families and staff in our program
  • A monthly calendar of activities and periodic newsletters
  • A carefully planned curriculum that meets children’s social, emotional and intellectual needs
  • Meals and snacks                     Breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack
  • Naptime                                     Daily naptime
  • Communication                        Daily sheets and personal conversation

                                                   Room guidelines

  • Age range                                12 months-36 months
  • Number of one year olds        1 caregiver for 4 one year olds
  • Number of two year olds        1 caregiver for 6/8 two-year olds (depends on age)
  • Caregiver qualifications          Associate degree or bachelor degree in education
  • Training                                   24 hours in-service training yearly

CPR certification

SIDS training

Shaken Baby Training